Cavalier Cavalry Comics

Our Panel Design Team Was Shot As Traitors To The Holy Rectangular Canon

Cavalier Cavalry Comics is proud to feature several online comics available to you FOR FREE. We don't charge, we don't want to charge, and we really don't have permission to hawk wares at you featuring our stuff.

MINIATURE RULES takes place (loosely) in the Battletech Universe. The novels feature the bold strokes of history, the movers and shakers of galactic politics. We hate those people. We find the poor losers just trying to survive this war and maybe pick up a nice title or two. Most succeed in surviving, all fail at not looking like idiots.

Operation: RED ARRAY is the story of the reconquest of Pacifica (Chara III) by troops loyal to the Lyran Commonwealth from the forces of The Word of Blake. Told in an enhanced version of the Miniature Rules style, it is an attempt at the more serious nature of Battletech, told within the framework of the only campaign completed in Bakersfield, CA.

Cavalier Life gives you a touch of insight into the idiocy that goes on in the creation process here at CCP. Fun begins at home.

Because you can never have enough breadboxes in your comics, we've now launched BreadBox, based on all the bad and good games from that old 80's standby, the Commodore C=64. We used to spend hours on this thing, and looking at some of the games, we wonder why. Then we boot up something by Microprose and go oh... yeah... DAMN YOU SID MEIER! He's still doing that today.

Coming soon is Tavern Tales, from The Keeper. It's a fantasy comic, based loosely inside a world similar to one found in a popular MMORPG. Swords, sorcery, chaos, lunacy. Just the basics.